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Rapido! Take Four!!
Composition Contest is Postponed to 2015

The Rapido! 14 Day Composition Contest has achieved remarkable success over its three cycles to date, distributing many thousands of dollars in prize money and furthering the careers of numerous underrepresented and deserving classical composers.

This year’s competition - Rapido! Take Four!! – has been organized around the composition of an original music score to accompany a five minute film. However a combination of challenges have moved Rapido! organizers reluctantly to postpone the competition for one year.

Primary amongst these challenges is the complexity of mounting an event that combines hundreds of composers, five music organizations and numerous film groups, as well as finding video productions that adequately meet the requirements of a highly respected national composition contest. This has led Rapido! directors the Atlanta Chamber Players, along with their partner ensembles throughout the country – Boston Musica Viva, Chicago’s Fifth House Ensemble, Dallas’s Voices of Change, and San Francisco’s Left Coast Chamber Ensemble - to today’s decision.

“We believe it is important to maintain the highest quality artistic experience for the hundreds of composers involved, as well as the many music lovers who follow the competition,” said Paula Peace, National Director of Rapido! and retiring Artistic Managing Director of the Atlanta Chamber Players, “so a one year hiatus is in the best interests of all concerned.”

“We are, of course, very disappointed,” said Ron Antinori, head of the Antinori Foundation, the major sponsor of Rapido!, “but we feel that paramount in this process is the integrity of the competition and the maintenance of the high standards that have been set during the previous three cycles. We have every intention of continuing the project and are already looking ahead to next year’s competition.”

“We look forward to continuing our association with Rapido! for many years to come.” said Elizabeth Pridgen, recently appointed Artistic Director of the Atlanta Chamber Players.

Arrangements are being made to refund the registration fee of composers who have already registered for this year’s event and to guarantee them a space in the next Rapido! cycle. An announcement on the 2015 launch of Rapido! Take Four!! will be made in the coming months.

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